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Completely get what you mean re conventional record stores. My local stores don't have much hip-hop and barely anything against the grain. The only thing I get can physically would be stuff on Rhymesayers, like Aes or Atmosphere. Other towns have a slightly better and bigger selection and repress more classics, but never any super underground stuff.

Also, props for the Count Bass D album, it's a great pick. Some other good stuff on your receipt too, such as K-the-i, Organized Konfusion, the Saafir...I did some quick calculations and it is $258 CAD today. This still seems really cheap. Can you still get records for prices like that (adjusted for inflation, $10-16 CAD?)?

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I can't remember if I've ever listened to the entirety of Act Your Waist Size, but I know that "Brasilian Landing Strip" is my joint. That beat is so crunchy. Of course, Spotify ain't got it, so Bandcamp support is essential.

Yo, the night he managed to fit in a brief set in Winnipeg was a memorable one. Such stage presence! I can't remember how word got around that he was coming in, but it got around. The spot wasn't packed, but he rocked it anyway, and we were appreciative. I think he moved a lot of merch that night.

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"GOOD GAME: THE TRANSITION" is an extremely fronted on Saafir record. it's not end to end perfect but there are some truly wonderful bangers on it.

i also remember the only trip I've ever made to amoeba, and what it was like to be hip deep in affordable rap singles. i never wanted to leave but i was late for soundcheck.

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Yeah I wish I could have made it down to that show. Would have been so good to see.

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