I appreciate how real you are about the past, regretting certain behavior, etc. I may have been sitting near you at that DMC competition! We may have actually met that night, I'm not sure.

I'm super-anxious to get my copies of UGSMAG, too. They're sittin' in Mississauga right now.

My boy is 12 and was very excited to have De La finally be on streaming services, because we've had long talks about their history and record company misadventures. He's heavily into the shit I grew up with along with more contemporary artists. If he's not falling asleep to Pharcyde or Tribe, he's got some bossa nova shit on, which trips me out.

I've got physical copies of the first four albums and The Grind Date, but I'll fully acknowledge the ease and convenience of having them on Spotify (a platform I have quite a love/hate relationship with). This past week at work has been a delight because I've drowned out the wack shit in the office with their catalogue. Someone mentioned that not having them on these platforms made one of the most inventive groups ever practically invisible - not to mention having very little of their physical records available for the past few years - and that's criminal in my mind. I'm stoked that they're being celebrated...it's long overdue!

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Woah that shirt! Great read as always homie

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Weez tended to win in the creativity department for dmc prelims that came to edmonton. I think I remember one in edmonton where he was acing his set but may have mad a major flub in the middle but still ended it with style by pulling out a lighter and lighting one of his prize vinyl records on fire in front of everyone. Not sure what the club owners thought of that, but I think they let him rock it since he was finishing up his set and the venue was packed and the didn't want to piss off the DMC promoters by bum rushing during a competitive set. Though I might be wrong as my memory of those times is hazy, and I don't know how much of what I remember is my imagination.

I wonder how you would compare the pip / smith / bastid album vs the gruf / brace sound barriers album? If you have a favorite album or track and what do you think of each? Sound Barriers i think edges out TCOB for me, so at least Brace won my musical category. I shouldn't be comparing who's album is better like a 20-year-old on the ole' ugsmag forum at my age, but your thoughts bring me back to those days. And both albums were majorly tight at the time.

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